Company information

NAKAGAWA Co., Ltd. is
a comprehensive manufacturer of professional hair salon products = HAIR SALON SPECIALITY.

Company name NAKAGAWA Co., Ltd.
Head office 545-0021 3-26-2, Hannan-cho, Abeno-ku,
Osaka-shi OSAKA, JAPAN
Capital 25,000,000JPY
Number of Employees 75
Business description Sale of professional hair salon products


Happy Hair Happy Life

Creation of brilliance

NAKAGAWA’s mission is to create brilliance.
Beauty, health, and happiness… Things that are worthwhile in
the world give off a brilliance.
Beautiful hair, smile, and impression are brilliant also.

We meet the brilliance through our work, pursuing what the
brilliance is, to create brilliance into the world.
This is our mission, “ creation of brilliance”.

NAKAGAWA, a comprehensive manufacturer of professional hair
salon products, will keep moving forward to make “creation of
brilliance” come true as a hair salon specialty.

The concept of REMINESSANCE

Memory→Rebirth→Light→Giving back

REMINESSANCE is a word that came from a concept of ancient philosophy by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and so on. Plato called “perfect living memory which is built into humans originally” REMINESSANCE. This memory “has a nature that the frame of a new generation always keep renewing.” In other words, he defined it as “memory” for “rebirth.” Humans are born with a memory of rebirth and follow a process of growth and maturity while repeating renewal of body tissues based on the programing of generation. Every single cells are reborn day by day. Orderly generation is repeating and humans live life while maintaining the glow of health. That light and glow of life is the source of life for humans and is the people’s life theme also. Humans has been pursuing “light” from ancient times. Ancient philosophers defined knowledge as light. In the Middle Ages, science was the light for the dark world. The light and wish of democratization ware embodied in Modern times, and then in the present age, what kind of the light people pursue? The modern society has various problems such as economic disaster, gap-widening society, problems of the Middle East, and environmental destruction. When people confront these problems, what kinds of light guides them to solve. Since REMINESSANCE was born in ancient society, it has continued to define the brilliant life to people across time and space. It plays back internal memory and embodies the light and brilliance, and then it gives back to people and society –is the concept of REMINESSANCE. This REMINESSANCE has new frames and interpretations with the times. It also spears into the darkness and has the power that it brings a light and brilliance. REMINESSANCE keeps on evolving to the future while pursuing the possibility.
This REMINESSANCE that has survived for 2000years is the concept with conviction which gives off the unshakable lives and lights.

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